The Black Swan Effect: Perfectionism and The Bar Exam


“I just want to be perfect! That line in the movie Black Swan still haunts me.

The main character Nina drove herself mad by demanding her own perfection.  Though extreme, Black Swan illustrates a common problem for bar students – perfectionism.

Many of my students tell me “I have to know everything” or “I can’t stop until […]

Free video series on bar exam stress!

Mind Over Bar is proud to announce a completely free video series for bar exam takers: How to Get Out of Your Own Way to Pass the Bar Exam.

Lauren Fire created this video series to help teach students knee deep in bar exam prep to work with their psychology to improve their productivity and decrease […]

Beat the Three Biggest Productivity Drains: Part II

In Part I of this productivity series I discussed two of the biggest productivity drains – inability to hold attention on a task and fleeing from negative emotions. The third biggest productivity drain is physical and mental fatigue. During bar study most people push their minds and bodies into threat level orange. Even when not […]

Beat the Three Biggest Productivity Drains: Part I

Whether studying for the bar exam or just working a normal day, getting more done in less time is a coveted skill.  We want to be productive.  But despite our best self-imposed guilt trips, we lose focus, chronically checking email or facebook, playing Words With Friends, or watching funny cat videos on youtube (or maybe […]

Conquering Tiredness During Bar Study

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question. Chronic tiredness during bar study can be more just than a minor annoyance. If not dealt with, you could be losing time, energy, and even confidence. If sleepiness is interfering with your study productivity, don’t just sleep on it. Examine all possible causes and experiment […]

Beating the Bar: Memorization Tips and Tricks

Mind Over Bar has partnered with BenchPrep to help prepare you more than ever for the Bar Exam, bringing you tips and advice on memorization strategies that really work. BenchPrep works with top publishers to help bring you the best Bar Exam Test Prep Courses and other subject-based interactive courses you can access from anywhere, including your […]

Five Steps to Bar Exam Confidence

Bar exam takers are always asking: “How can I get confident before the exam?” Many students believe that they must feel confident on bar exam day to pass.

Attorneys and prospective attorneys are generally perfectionists and want to feel sure they’ve done it right. But with the vast amount of material to memorize, trying to “get […]

Avoiding July Panic: Three Tips To Calm Down Now

“Time keeps on slipping, slipping…into the future.” In the great words of the Steve Miller Band, as the bar exam approaches time seems to slip away. After July 4, many bar takers begin to feel the squeeze of time and start to panic, fearing they are not where they “should” be with bar study. […]

How to Relax, Part II: Exercises

Relaxation is more than just taking time off. To let your mind and body rest, you must actively take steps to relax. If you take the time to rest and practice these two exercises, you can improve your concentration and decrease your stress immediately.

Relaxing Takes Place in Your Body

Relaxing happens in your body. […]

How to Relax – Part I

Just relax. Sounds simple, right? I used to think so, until someone actually taught me how to relax. Suddenly I realized that everything I’d been doing to “relax” had never really given my mind and body the much-needed break I was seeking.

As the holiday season winds up, so do we. So it’s important to understand […]