The most powerful bar exam strategy you are neglecting

If you want this bar exam to be your last, then this page will be the most important page you’ve seen.

I believe your mindset can be your most powerful asset during the bar exam, if you know how to use it.

I’m like you, I wanted a successful law career. I’m an overachiever who has always felt driven to success.  But during my first year of law school, I drove myself directly into a wall.

Stress, self-doubt, anxiety, and depression started to interfere with my ability to perform academically.  I knew I had the potential to excel, but I couldn’t get myself to execute when I need it most.

After researching stress, anxiety, and psychology, and neuroscience, I realized:

I was letting my brain run itself!

Once I got proactive and took my brain off autopilot, I learned to conquer the mental obstacles that were causing stress, anxiety, and self doubt.

Everything started to change for me.

And when you learn these strategies, like so many bar exam students before you, everything can change for you too.

The Mind Over Bar Course will transform the way you study and take tests.

If you want to:

  • Stop fighting with yourself to study
  • Know how to rock a test even if you panic or blank
  • Shift from overwhelmed to productive in minutes
  • Transform fear into confidence

This course is for you.

Worried you don’t have the time? This course will save time for you.  As you take this course, you will learn how to:

  • Stop procrastinating
  • Focus faster and easier, to study more in less time
  • Increase your energy without sacrificing sleep


I liked the idea that someone understands that there is more to conquer on the bar exam than just the actual laws and rules. A huge obstacle for me (as a re-taker) has been to try to get out of my head.- Jennifer H.

Learning about how memory works, how to reset my focus; and the anti-stress exercises made a huge difference for me. – Tina J.

I really liked how much it demystified what goes on in my head when emotions occur. As a repeat taker, I really needed to spend some time with the mental component and the explanations were very helpful.- Brock B.