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An authentic leader is aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses and make decisions without being bias. They are transparent and consistent with their actions. Also, they lead with vision, integrity and focus on long-term results. Mostly, they maintain honest relationships with their followers based on an ethical foundation and openness at workplaces. For followers to commit themselves the organizational goal, the leader must be present at the moment when there is a need, and this is a characteristic of an authentic leader. The United States Army contains a larger number of people who need proper leadership for them to remain united and protect the nation against external attacks. There are thirteen enlisted ranks ranging from the Private to Sergeant Major of the Army. Each needs directives from the upper ranked individual to make the mission of peacekeeping effective. Therefore, the leaders need to be authentic with clear visions to guide their followers accordingly (Cianci et al., 2014).

The Staff Sergeant who is the seventh-ranked in the U.S. Army commands a squad of 9-10 soldiers. As a leader, Staff Sergeants gives directives to one or more Sergeants under them. Dealing with these sergeants serving under the Staff Sergeant requires openness and honest relationships that would bring trust in the leadership. You also need to be positive and have truthful self-concepts to coordinates all activities within your jurisdiction. Otherwise, your orders will not be followed if the followers do not have trust in you.

Authentic leaders have insight, demonstrate initiative, exert influence, have an impact, and exercise integrity. If all these traits are considered when appointing leaders in the U.S. Army, soldiers will be united based on strong leadership. The impact of authentic leadership on the followers would enable latter to trust their leaders and always enjoy working together (Cianci et al., 2014). The trust enhances productivity in any organization, and the U.S. Army is not an exemption.

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