Beating the Bar: Memorization Tips and Tricks

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Taking the Bar Exam this year? Then you are fully aware of the mountain of information you need to know in order to be successful. Even the fastest and most dedicated learners become overwhelmed when faced with their bar exam prep strategies. Memorization of everything seems impossible! But have no fear, people do pass the exam. It is doable. However, in order to adequately prepare there are a few questions you need to ask yourself first:

What’s Your Memorization Style?

You are at the beginning of your preparation planning session. You are trying to figure out the best way for you to remember everything you’ve learned in your years at law school. A tower of books and class notes looms in front of you.

How do you do it? By tailoring a strategy to what works best for you. Like losing weight, there are a million ways to achieve success, but only a couple may work for you. Same goes for Bar exam preparation, there are lots of study strategies and sample plans out there, but not all of them will work for every individual.

How do you learn? Are you an auditory learner or a visual learner? How about a kinesthetic learner? To do your best involves knowing how you learn and retain information, then applying those tactics to your test prep.

How Do I Know What Memorization Techniques Work For Me?

There are specific attributes that accompany each style of learning, that distinguish themselves from others.

Auditory learners memorize best by hearing information repeatedly or by speaking it aloud. When recalling information they like to go back and “hear” previous discussions. Utilizing a recording device is popular for information recall at a later study date.

Visual learners memorize by looking at words and images, by picturing the information. Charts, colors, images and pictures usually work best for them. When recalling memorized information, they rely on the visual cues previously created.

Kinesthetic learners need to physically do something with the information. You may have to get creative, such as studying in groups where you discuss the information and use items like a blackboard or interactive presentation materials. Throwing a ball against the wall as you recite information out loud is another example, as is teaching the information to your reflection in a mirror. Creativity is what best describes this type of learning.

How Do I Apply My Memorization Style to the Bar Exam?

So you have found a study strategy you like, know what type of learner you are and what memorization techniques you employ.

Time to think resources. BenchPrep’s Bar Exam Prep Course features study materials that cater to all types of learners:

  • reading material that offers tips and hints and offers encouragement
  • practice questions and tests
  • bookmark creation
  • pre-made digital flashcards
  • customized notes
  • matching games that help you memorize words and concepts
  • detailed reports & analysis on your progress
  • confidence level indicators, which let you mark questions and reading material by your level of confidence so you can sort by what areas you need additional help.

Best part is, you can study from the comprehensive web app, or from mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android! Literally study anywhere, anytime and make use of any materials that work for you. The Bar Exam is an extremely important milestone, make sure you have the best resources at hand to prep you for success!

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