12 Foods That Make You Smarter

If you are preparing for the bar exam your diet is probably the last thing on your mind. Does it really matter that you had that pastry for breakfast? What if I told you that adding these 12 foods to your diet would improve your memory, increase your concentration, raise your mental energy level, and […]

The Bar Exam Chill Pill

With the bar exam merely days away, your head is probably crawling with worries. What if I forget an element? What if I run out of time? What if I have to pee? When a student starts listing concerns like this, I call that a bad case of […]

Top Five Tips: Memorize This $%*#

To be effective during bar study, you must memorize a crap load of information. In my previous post, I discussed learning styles and we used the Learning Style Quiz to find your learning style.

Once you know your learning style, ask yourself: How can I best teach myself information through this learning style? Here are […]

How Do I Memorize all of this $%#*?

It may sound crude, but passing the bar exam is really about how well you can cram a bunch of information into your head and throw it up on paper in an organized fashion. Heck, the sheer volume of information you must store in your brain is enough to overwhelm even the […]

Mindfulness: The Art of Enjoying Life

I recently found myself experimenting with mindfulness in an odd place – a live music concert. When I speak with students and explain the concept of “being present,” I notice that many people see it as another “should”, right under floss and call home more often, even if they truly believe it can decrease stress […]

Bar Exam 1, You 0 – Three Steps To Avoid Obsessing Over Your Bar Exam Scores

Once you receive your bar exam scores, your first inclination is probably to pour over your numbers, comparing MBEs and reading essays. But even after analyzing weaknesses, many continue to study their bar exam stores, reading essays over and over, obsessing over missed points. Although this may seem helpful right now, obsessing over numbers can […]

I Failed The *$&% Bar Exam! 5 Tips for Processing Emotions

Failing the bar exam sucks. Family and friends have probably tried to help with clichés like “Kennedy failed the bar” and “get back on the horse,” which probably make you want to scream. I mean, THEY don’t have to take the bar again!

Maybe you feel angry, sad, frustrated, ashamed or just plain depressed. Maybe you […]

What if I Blank on the Bar Exam?

Picture this: On day one of the exam you read the first essay, an evidence question. Your heart speeds up, your palms start to sweat, and your mind starts racing.  You suddenly realize you can’t remember the hearsay exceptions.  In fact, you can’t even remember the definition of hearsay!

What happened to that information?  It was […]

How to Avoid Overwhelm During Bar Study

Don’t look all the way up the hill. Just look 10 feet in front of you and turn the pedals. Wise words sometimes come from the strangest places. A triathlon coach gave me that advice once, after noticing me wince at the huge hill between me and the end of a painfully long bike ride.

During […]