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Mind Over Bar is proud to announce a completely free video series for bar exam takers: How to Get Out of Your Own Way to Pass the Bar Exam.

Lauren Fire created this video series to help teach students knee deep in bar exam prep to work with their psychology to improve their productivity and decrease their stress.

The 3 Part video series teaches the 3 pillars of Mind Over Bar: Psychology, Physiology, and Performance.  Students can learn why negative thoughts and emotions are interfering with their study productivity, and how to rewire their brain for success.

The video also covers self-doubt and self judgment, and teaches students how to work with their “inner judge” in a completely new way.

Lauren Fire also teaches students how to unlock the potential they already have to perform like a rock star test taker on bar exam day.

To get access to this video series, click here: Free 3-Part Video Series.

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