Failing the bar exam sucks. People try to make you feel better by saying things like “even Kennedy failed the bar” and “don’t worry, it’ll be ok,” which only makes it worse. I mean, THEY don’t have to take the bar again.

So what next?

Maybe you feel angry or depressed. Maybe you drank a bottle of scotch or ate an entire tub of ice cream when you found out. Either way, one thing is clear, at some point…soon…you have to face Con Law, Contracts, Crim Law…again.

Feeling crappy when you fail makes you human. But letting those crappy feelings interfere with studying could hurt your chances of success the second time around. You need your emotional ducks in a row when you sit down for that next bar exam.

And what about private tutors? Should you get one? How much should you expect to pay? How do you find one? You have to decide what to do, and how to pay for it, and the amount of conflicting information is crazy overwhelming.

In this FREE teleseminar, Lauren Firestein, founder of the Mind Over Bar Course ( is partnering with Sumita Dalal, founder of to discuss coping with negative feelings, determining if a private tutor is right for you, and selecting a private tutor.

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