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Mind Over Bar is proud to announce that we are now accepting students for the February 2013 bar exam season!

I’ve been studying psychology, neuroscience, motivation, procrastination, self-judgment, and so much more during the off season to create the best Mind Over Bar yet!

The Mind Over Bar Course will transform the way you study and take tests. This new course will teach you to stop fighting with yourself to study, rock a test even if you panic or blank, shift from overwhelmed to productive in minutes, and transform fear into confidence.

Many students worried they don’t have the time for Mind Over Bar. But this course will save time for you. As you take this course, you will learn how to stop procrastinating, focus faster and easier, to study more in less time, and to increase your energy without sacrificing sleep.

And, I have several AMAZING new bonuses this round that I’m so jazzed about!

Bonus #1: Bar Exam Ultimate Nutrition:
In this interview Dr. Nalini Chilkov, a seasoned physician and a respected expert in high performance and stress management, learn what foods are best for the brain and what vitamins and supplements will help you maintain energy and a healthy immune system.

Bonus #2: How to Sleep Soundly:
In this interview with sleep expert Mitchell Stevko, learn tips that will help you fall asleep fast, and sleep soundly through the night.

Bonus #3: Change Your Study Habits:
In this interview with neuroscience expert Mark Flournoy, learn how your brain creates habits, and how you can rewire your brain to decrease procrastination and increase productivity.

Bonus #4: Move Your Body to De-Stress and Energize: Videos created by yoga and stress expert Allan Ting specially for Mind Over Bar. Learn body movements that will relax you, calm you, and even energize you when you need it most.

And I’m also launching a brand new product for Mind Over Bar alumni. Students who buy Mind Over Bar will also get membership into a brand new community of lawyers, called the Law + Life Balance Community. After you have succeeded on the bar exam, your mental game education doesn’t have to end.

With your free membership, you get access to the new Law Life Balance online portal, where you will find advice and information from the leading experts in job searching, interviewing, rainmaking, work-life balance, and much more!

The Law Life Balance portal is a one-stop-shop for everything you will want to learn once you start your law career. You won’t want to miss out on access to this fantastic community. And it’s a FREE bonus when you sign up for Mind Over Bar.

To sign up for Mind Over Bar, visit: Mind Over Bar Registration

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