Private Coaching

Mind Over Bar is excited to announce that private performance coaching is now offered by Dionne Kress, Stress Management Consultant and Coach.

If you are struggling with a specific bar exam mental obstacle, or just want more detailed instruction or consultation, private coaching is an efficient and effective option.

Through private coaching, Dionne will evaluate your personal obstacles and past barriers to test success, and help you understand why you do what you do.  She can then help you develop a plan to overcome your mental challenges and craft specific exercises and tools you can use during your study process and on the test to overcome your specific challenges and weaknesses.

She will help you identify the area of your life or work that is causing you the test stress. She will also help you realize how your own mindset could be getting in your way of success. Once you have feel less stress you will experience more success.

If you sign up for a five session coaching package you will receive an additional coaching session free along with Dionne’s From Stress to Success Assessment. Total value of $250.

If you are struggling with your career direction, Dionne also offers career coaching. Her career coaching includes her Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment, which can help you discover your strengths, gifts and talents.

Dionne Kress

Dionne’s professional background and life experiences have given her a unique set of skills and talents. She has practiced as a family therapist, spent 15 years in medical sales with two Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and one global leader in the medical device industry. She currently practices as a Stress Management Consultant and Coach where she encourages clients to realize the root cause of their stress. She is a passionate motivational speaker who has dedicated herself to helping others shift their internal critical voice to one that is positive so that they can experience less stress and more success in life.

Dionne believes that a healthy body, positive mindset, supportive relationships, and happiness are essential for a successful life. Her love and zest for health and wellness lead her to becoming a fitness trainer helping clients bring strength and vitality back to their bodies and minds.

Being an overachiever, Dionne has had an intimate love/hate relationship with her internal critic voice. She loved the internal critic because it kept her motivated to achieve, but also hated it because it caused intense feelings of stress and pressure. The discovery came when she realized the internal critical voice was root cause of her stress and it needed to be shut up! Dionne practiced shifting her mindset so her internal critic became her internal motivational speaker. That was the moment Dionne began to experiences less stress and more success in both her life and business.

Private Coaching Pricing:

  • One hour – $200
  • Package of 3 hours – $525
  • Package of 5 hours – $825

Special Offer: Purchase a three hour coaching package, and receive the Mind Over Bar Course free! Learn More About the Course