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California Bar Tutors fills the gaps left by commercial bar reviews. We not only teach the law, we teach you how to apply the law and be successful on the most difficult licensing exam in the country. To help you achieve your goal of becoming a licensed attorney, we have created a variety of products that include: Essay and Performance Test Approaches; Essay and Performance Test Review and Grading; and a Customized Review Service for Repeat Takers, find out more about us…

Bar Exam Doctor is an online Bar Exam simulator where students can practice unlimited MBE’s, essays, and performance tests. Bar Exam Doctor’s easy to use program allow students to do all of the tests online or on their own 24 hours a day. Personal detailed feedback is guaranteed for each submitted test within 48 hours. Hand writers can even fax their answers!

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Bar Exam Toolbox

The Bar Exam Toolbox is a blog and resource page for people who are preparing, or getting ready to prepare, for the bar exam. Bar Exam Toolbox provides advice for bar exam success, and provides information on useful bar exam resources that might be unfamiliar to you.


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FindMyLawTutor is the largest and most trusted website in helping match law students with law tutors in their search for success.  Our website is committed to helping students find the right lsat tutor, law school tutor, or bar tutor to help meet your needs.

Whether you are studying for the lsat to be a potential law student, struggling with law school exams, or just about to take the bar, let FindMyLawTutor do the hard work of finding a law tutor for you.  All you have to do is sit back and search for the tutor that matches your needs, all from the comfort of your own home!

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